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February 16, 2018


This month began with the celebration of Easter; the time Jesus paid the ultimate price on the cross dying for the sin of humanity, it is the celebration of love at the highest level and Jesus while giving his valedictory message in john 15 vs 13 said greater love has no man that a man should give his life for a friend talking about his death.

We will be looking into God’s greater love for us this month, in John 13 vs 14 Jesus said the new commandment he has come to give is to love one another as he loved you, this shows that the paramount thing in the hearth of God is for us to Love for one another and God himself.

Jesus coming to the world, his healing, his message and death on the cross and the whole of his ministry on earth exemplify God’s love for us, all he did was for love and we will be following his steps this month of April and learn how to love each other and reciprocate God’s

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